Regency Park Estate

When you choose to live at Regency Park Estate, you enjoy all the benefits of home ownership while escaping from the pressures of maintaining the exterior and grounds of your home.

When you live in Regency Park Estate we look after the work, so you’re free to live. Regency Park Estate
is for you if you want to live without worries, in a secure gated environment, with friends and
activities in the village and nearby.

You can enjoy your time without worrying about:

  • cleaning
  • guttering,
  • mowing the lawns
  • or keeping up with the weeding

Get the Capital Gain on Sale

At Regency Park Estate when you sell you get the capital gain less the deferred management fee and land agents fees. You get to choose what price you wish to sell the unit for and to whom, so long as the prospective new owner can meet the same entrance criteria you did. Each home in the Village is brick and tile, and has two bedrooms, a garage, and a conservatory. The big difference between your Regency Park Estate home and your family home is that we take care of the worries.

Unit and Village Maintenance

You maintain the inside of your home. The exterior of the building, the garden and grounds are maintained by village staff. The cost of this and other services is covered by the village fee, a fee paid by everyone who owns a home or unit in the complex.

More about Regency Park Estate

Regency Park Estate is operated by Karaka Pines Villages. Karaka Pines Villages look after a number of villages all offering capital gain to the residents. If you want the freedom to be as private or as sociable as you wish to be, in a secure and safe environment with a wide range of village and community facilities, then you can read more about the Regency Park Estate facilities here.