Regency Park Estate

A boutique Retirement Village designed for life and living.

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When you live in Regency Park Estate we look after the work, so you’re free to live. Regency Park Estate
is for you if you want to live without worries, in a secure gated environment, with friends and
activities in the village and nearby.

You can enjoy your time without worrying about:

  • cleaning
  • guttering,
  • mowing the lawns
  • or keeping up with the weeding


Regency Park Estate

Get the Capital Gain on Sale

At Regency Park Estate when you sell you get the capital gain less the deferred management fee and land agents fees. You get to choose what price you wish to sell the unit for and to whom, so long as the prospective new owner can meet the same entrance criteria you did. Each home in the Village is brick and tile, and has two bedrooms, a garage, and a conservatory. The big difference between your...

When you choose to live at Regency Park Estate, you enjoy all the benefits of home ownership while escaping from the pressures of maintaining the exterior and grounds of your home.

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Facilities & Activities

The heart of our village is our Community Centre.

Here you’ll find most of our facilities and activities, and other community services, for example Rotorua Senior-net computer club. You’ll enjoy areas for indoor bowls, arts and crafts, a lounge, library, workshop, gym, spa, bar and dining area.

  • Borrow books, puzzles and DVDs from our library.
  • Do repairs or potter in the workshop
  • Enjoy Friday drinks in the bar
  • Play bowls or use the putting course
  • Work out in the gym
  • Book the spa pool for your private use
  • Play Rummikub or Housie at our weekly sessions
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Enjoy capital gains on investment

At Regency Park Estate you receive the sale price of your unit, including the capital gain, less a 20.0 percent facilities fee and a one-off refurbishment fee. This is in contrast with most villages where you only receive the original buy price of your unit minus a facilities fee of between 20 to 30 percent. The big difference between a home in Regency Park Estate and the family home is that we endeavor to remove the worries.

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